Saturday, November 1, 2008

Letter to the Republicans

Christian conservative ideology is killing our country.  Its like a slow killing virus that has been infecting our country from the moment it was born.  

When America was being conceived in the womb of the minds of our founding fathers, one truth that was proclaimed to be central to its existence was separation of church and state; with that having freedom of religious worship.  Although that proclamation was sincere in their hearts and minds, numerous times after America's inception, the founding fathers and the leaders that came after them failed to honor, perhaps understand what that original central proclamation actually meant.  

Beginning with slavery, the christian conservatives in our country lobbied for the perpetuation of slavery using "out of context" biblical scriptures as their tools of hate.  100% of the confederates that fought to the death to keep the right to take someone else rights professed to be christian, following christian conservative ideology.

Even after slavery ended, many christian conservatives became Klu Klux Klan members who went to church on Sundays, sang hymns, kissed their families however after the last hymn ended, they invoked a reign of terror/lynchings/rape into the lives of African Americans and white Americans who disagreed with their ideology. 

When the babies of the late 19th century began to take over leadership in the mid 20th century, other ideologies began to ascend control in the country's mindset that threatened christian conservatism.  Starting with Calvin Coolidge with his movement towards big business and later with Franklin Roosevelt, planting the supreme court seeds for the civil rights movement, the 20th century was changing.

These 2 movements shaped the ideology, platform of the 2 main political parties.  With Coolidge, the republican party shredded any resemblance of its abolitionist roots that took on the christian conservative democratic party and saved America from its moral ineptitude.  With Roosevelt, the democratic party began to split into a fraction that promoted equality for all citizens versus the christian conservative fraction that was threatened by a 20th century mindset that saw their ideology as evil.

As a result of the 1964 civil rights acts, the christian conservative fraction of the democratic party forever disavowed themselves from the party.  The republican party, actively sought the christian conservatives that left the democratic party and excepted them with open arms.  Republican presidents such as Nixon, Reagen and both Bushes owed their political careers to the hate, fear and divisiveness that the christian conservatives perpetuated in their support.

Currently, America has an important election that will shape our country's path in the 21st century.  John McCain who is running as a republican is backed by the christian conservatives.  Because he is in debt to the christian conservatives in regards to their support, he chose a running mate that has a 19th century mindset fully embodied in christian conservative ideology.  At 72, McCain would be the oldest president ever to be elected which would make his running mate have a higher likely hood to assume the responsibilities of president.  The christian conservatives are doing any and everything negative to get McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin elected.

So, back to my original premise: Christian Conservative ideology is killing our country.  If you are patriotic and love our country, we must stop them, stop their ideology of hate and fear.


grusgune said...

Excellent observations. It's the "subset that hijacked the Republican party" says Obama. This is our time. Know this.

BasketsByYonnie said...
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HYM said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Lot of truth. "We are the ones we've been waiting for" says Obama. This is our time.

dxturner said...

"Because he is in debt to the christian conservatives in regards to their support, he chose a running mate that has a 19th century mindset fully embodied in christian conservative ideology."

I will grant that McCain chose Palin for political purposes (aren't all VP candidates chosen for that reason?), but I think you've blindly accepted the popular presentation of Palin's theology.

A 19th century mindset could not envision a woman being a mayor or a governor, much less the Vice President of the United States. She's got more spiritual depth than you're giving her credit for.

CRO said...

I couldn't agree with you more.
If people would only open their eyes and their minds...